What is AI

What is Artificial Intelligence

We’ve all grown up watching those films with a robotic voice assistant to the lead role, who is able to independently think (artificial intelligence) and act on its own, a robot with the ability to think and understand and respond as a human would. It may have seemed like a movie gimmick a decade ago, but in truth it’s a project that’s been in the works since the dawn of the software era.

Artificial Intelligence, is the simulation of human intelligent processes. These processes include learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using the information), reasoning (using rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions) and self-correction. – M, Rouse (8/8/2018, ‘what is AI?’)

The greater percentage of Artificial Intelligence Integration has been in the back end of the computer programs, to help the code execute better and faster, optimizing the process and the resources it requires to do so. Why stray so far away? Take Google for example, our go to knowledge base for any questions we have. Why is it that when you type a single letter, an automatic list of search results come up? Google is intelligently trying to predict exactly what you are trying to look for, not only based on your construct of the sentence but also based on its stored index of previous searches by other people, where it displays the most common searches by other people, because of the predictability of human nature is such that, it will display something you are looking for before you finish your sentence, because it knows what you are looking for since someone has already searched in the same sentence. The more it is used, the greater the knowledge base grows, and the more accurate it gets.

The most impressive feat of Artificial Intelligence available to a mass audience is the availability of Smart Voice Assistants for smartphones. Siri, on the apple iPhone, was the first ever smart assistant that came to a mobile device, at launch it was very buggy and had great difficulty in understanding human speech, and even more so when the accent varied from the native one it was programmed in, American English. It was still extremely impressive that such smart technology was made available at the palm of your hands. Siri was widely popular, however the Daily Active Usage (DAU) of it is not as high as it would seem. Google began working on their smart assistant, the Google Assistant, and launched it in their annual software summit , Google I/O in the year of 2016. With google’s advanced machine learning, and incredible knowledge base of the search engine, the results obtained from the smart assistant developed by google was miles ahead of the tech developed by Apple. With each update the assistant became smarter and greater essential tools to ease and optimize the user experience on the smart device. At Google’s I/O event this year, 2018, Google announced a revolutionary addition to the already advanced Assistant, and that is Google Duplex. Google Duplex is an intelligent voice assistant that answers the user’s phone calls, and converses on the phone on behalf of the actual user themselves, and is able to intelligently respond with the use of speech patterns that mimic and suggest human speech. It is totally undetectable by a regular person that they had just had a phone call with a programmed voice and not a human one. Google Duplex can not only answer calls, but can also cater to user specific requirements such as book appointments. A very interesting project that is to be available to all android smartphones in the near future, where bits of this technology is already implemented in google’s latest smartphone, the pixel 3. It is an extremely impressive feat to see truly how far technology has come, and it is exciting to await and see what the future has in store for us.

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