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Fiverr Keyword Analytics and Rank Checker Tool

Ranking a gig for the target keyword on the first page of fiverr is the main goal of every freelancer. Finding a good keyword helps you to rank your gig on the first page easily. Since fiverr is now established and thousands of users are working, it is hard to compete with common keywords. So you need a less competitive and good keywords as we do in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But how do you get insights for fiverr keyword? Fiverr does not provide any keyword suggestions or insights. So you need a fiverr keyword analytics tool which helps you to extract the information such as how many gigs available, pro seller count, ratings, package prices and country wise breakdowns.

Table of Contents

  1. Fivlytics Introduction
  2. How to Analyse a Keyword
  3. How to Select a Good Keyword for Your Gig

Fivlytics – Free Fiverr Keyword Tool

Let me introduce Fivlytics – Fiverr Keyword Analytics Tool. This tool is the best free tool we found on the internet to analyse keywords on fiverr. It provides these information.

fiverr keyword analytics tool
  • Seller Count
  • Online Sellers
  • Gig Count
  • Pro Seller Count
  • Ratings of Sellers
  • Gigs By Countries
  • Rankings and Feedback
  • Price Range of Gigs

How To Analyse A Keyword on Fivlytics

Fivlytics is very simple and easy to use. You don’t need to signup and it is 100% free.

  • Visit fivlytics website
  • Enter your username and target keyword
  • Click “Analyze Keyword”
  • Now you can get lots of information about the keyword and your position in the search page.

Please note that this tool only gives you information about first 100 results of the search page. If your gig is not within first 100, tool gives keyword insights but your position is not shown.

Here is some example results I got using fiverr keyword analytics tool for logo animation keyword.

fiverr keyword analytics for logo animation

Find a Good Keyword

If you are a newbie and your gig is new, it is better to start from less competitive long tail keywords. This is the similar strategy we used in new blogs SEO. If you make a gig for graphic design, it has very less chance to rank on first page. But you can use derived or similar keyword which may not come to your mind at once. As an example the alternatives for the above keyword are logo design for companies, logo for website, logo design for business cards. These keywords leads to a specific job. When someone comes to fiverr and search about logo design and saw lots of high price gigs with lots of pending orders, they go for specified search. Then if you have a gig for that long word, you win the game!

Keyword Suggestions

Fiverr keyword analytics tool has a cool feature called keyword suggestions. This gives you similar related key phrases which people searched on fiverr. This is a untold secret that people are interested about those phrases. You need to grab those key phrases and do analyse on fivlytics. You may find a keyword with,

  • Less or no top ranked sellers
  • Gig count is less
  • Less online users
  • Small price range
  • High ratings (Means lots of customers)

Those are the keywords you need to focus when creating your gig. So you can focus the phrase and main keyword to make a gig. If you are good at SEO Optimised Article Writing, then you can easily earn a top rank on search page.

Creating multiple gigs for related keywords are also helpful if you are using this tool. You can find lots of similar keywords related to your target keyword. Some people use this strategy also.

Since fivlytics is free, simple and smart tool, you can use it daily and keep your eye on ranking variations. Use the above strategies and increase your sales. Happy earning!

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  1. I haven’t yet put your suggestions to practical use but haven checked out the tool, I see straightaway the sense in what you’re saying and I want to say thank you for that. Time to go now and give it a real try.

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