Revenuehits Beginner Tutorial

How to Make Money with Revenuehits – Beginner Tutorial

Monetizing a blog is the main goal of bloggers today. Display and Partner Advertising, Affiliate Marketing are some of the tools they used to make money from the blog. Revenuehits is a display advertising network same as Google AdSense and Propeler Ads. There are lots of advantages of using RevenueHits than other networks. It has a different niche of advertising display which we covered in our previous article Revenuehits review “What is Revenuehits? – Pros & Cons“. This Revenuehits tutorial helps you to create an account in Revenuehits and setup ad units in your blog.

To start with our Revenuehits Beginner Tutorial, you need an email account and an active blog to start with this tutorial. Revenuehits support any type of blog developed using html, wordpress, blogger, wix etc. Please follow these steps to create your Revenuehits account.

Create Revenuehits Account

Revenuehits Tutorial - Signup

Visit Revenuehits website and click “Join Now For Free” button. This will open a signup form. Fill the form with your details and click “Signup” button. Add complete website url and correct website category in the form. This will help Revenuehits to display correct optimized ads in your blog.

Revenuehits Tutorial - Signup Form

After clicking the signup button, you will receive a confirmation email to the given mail. Please check your mailbox and click the link in the e-mail to verify your account. Now your account is ready. Let’s see how to login and create ad units.

Login to Revenuehits

Login to Revenuehits

Visit Revenuehits website and click signin button in the top menu bar. Enter your credentials and sign in. Now we are going to do some configurations in the account.

Add Payment Method

Once you login to your account Goto “Account” tab. In this tab, you can update your profile info, change password and billing information. Click on “Billing Information” to add a payment method.

Add Payment Method to Revenuehits

Revenuehits support 3 payment methods. They are Paypal, Wire Transfer and Payoneer. Select your preferred payment method. I usually use “Paypal” and you need to provide the required info like PayPal email, your name and address. You can set automatic payment threshold by entering an amount in Payment Threshold field. Then Revenuehits will automatically pay you when your account balance reached the threshold limit.

Add Website for Ads

Goto Placements tab using main menu and click New Site button on the top right corner. This will open a form to enter your website information.

Add a website to Revenuehits

Once you click Save, your website can be used to display ads. Come back to Placement Tab and click New Desktop or Mobile Placement. Revenuehits divided their placements to two categories. This enables high click rates on your ad.

Add Ad Unit to Website

Select the ad format you want from the popup box once you clicked on the New Placement button. For the desktop version, there are 9 ad types and for mobile 7 ad types.

Revenuehits Tutorial - Desktop Ad Types
Available Desktop Ad Types

Once you select the ad type, you can fill some information for ad. Most important setting is placement dimensions. Remember to choose the best size for your blog.

New Placement Create in Revenuehits

Once you click Save, you can see your new placement on My Placements list. Click on button infromt of the name to get the code for the placement.

Placement List

A javascript code for your ad placement will be shown in a popup. Copy the code and put it in your website where you want to place the ad.

Add Revenuehits Ad to Blogger

Login your blogger account and admin panel of blog. Go to Layout tab which you can use to add widgets to your template

Add Revenuehits Ad to Blogger

Add HTML/JavaScript block to the template and paste the JS Code of the ad.

Add Revenuehits Ad to Blogger

Go to the website and confirm your ad. Note: Ad Blockers will block your ad. This process is same for other platforms. In wordpress, you can add ad code as a widget. For HTML website, paste the code in your HTML file before close tag. Your ad will be shown like below.

Revenuhits Sample Ad

Stay updated with Bittribes for fresh tutorials. Happy blogging life, earn money and generate more revenues with #Revenuehits

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